"Shifting focus to help Mankind " Hospital Face Shields and all PPE products robert@plasticmetalusa.com

Robert Knaster at Executive Forum

PlasticMetal CEO ,Robert Ira Knaster 

"Shifting focus to help Mankind "

Hospital Face Shields and all PPE products 


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Note: We make no product warranty or fitness for a particular purpose. User must undertake its own testing and evaluation to determine if the product is suitable for your own application.

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Our VFD energy system is the single biggest energy saver  worldwide for injection molding machines. SyncroSpeed  should be embraced to achieve your company goals, improving  efficiency, reducing energy costs, reducing emissions, improving  green credentials while increasing NET margins often 20-35%. 

The short of SyncroSpeed VFD success is our software, by controlling the proper motor speed necessary to deliver oil movement, often 35% - 50% energy reductions are realized. 

Profiled once SyncroSpeed requires no further adjustments as it’s fully automatic reading and anticipating the needs of all different tools. Motors and pumps remain as OEM installed. click SyncroSpeed site

A no charge energy assessment will estimate kWh savings expected by SyncroSpeed implementation. Our control software & hardware specifically designed for injection molding machines, not an off the shelf product. Our interface with the injection machine is the key to appreciable savings and cycle times without compromise.

See brochure provides examples of what can be achieved and system specs. To get an idea of the machines that would be candidates to make energy savings, please do call use . 914 582 1848

For information : robert.knaster@syncrospeed.com For other efficiency products, PlasticMetal USA

We offer ultimate product confidence by way of a guarantee of performance.

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