Tomorrows Energy $aved is today's waste of company funds

Take that to the bank......

SyncroSpeed's  Robert Knaster  presenting at the  Executive Forum, sponsored by Plastic News addressing the impact of efficiency on your  bottom - line.

SyncroSpeed VFD  technology a new classification of motor.. Over the years evolved to interface with all hydraulic machine movements to deliver ultimate energy reduction for injection molding machines. 

   Our variable frequency drive systems interface with your injection molding machine 50 times a second, searching, recording then delivers the proper motor speed for optimal motor speed for production shot after shot. Automatically reading and self adjusting for tool or process changes. 

Often reducing kW consumption 30%-50% without any compromise to cycle. You process the tool as usual, our software reacts to your process's that straightforward.

We're well known for our Energy Efficiency product SyncroSpeed VFD ( variable Frequency drives) - designed & installed energy saving systems for injection molding machines for over 18 years. Your original pumps and motors stay intact and our software will help you process $avings $100,000.00 to over $1,000,000.00 annually.      Often 20-40% NET margin increase realized. Annual returns on one time investments 30-50%, take that to the bank!

SyncroSpeed is the most effective energy – saving technology a molder can buy; with the right financing, SyncroSpeed VFD package & terms you'll realize immediate and significant reductions in the running costs of your molding plant efficienctly without any cash outlay. 

 Profiled once SyncroSpeed requires no further adjustments as its fully automatic reading and anticipating the needs of all different tools. Motors and pumps remain as OEM  installed. Your HMI touch screen displays per part cost of energy as well $avings per part molded. 100% transparent system with 4 levels of bypass to assure your production needs are met. Remote Control service package offers support as if we were at your location.


      Your first step towards efficiency identify the Energy Reduction Zones

  The above trace Engel Duo Variable Pumps 33% energy reduction with SyncroSpeed VFD

 If you run hydraulic injection molding machines with electric screw drive, accumulators, fixed or variable pumps or servo variable volume pumps ..... you can bet energy is wasted shot after shot. Good news,that's correctable with SyncroSpeed VFD.

 An energy assessment will estimate kWh savings with implementation. SyncroSpeed control software & hardware specifically designed for injection molding machines is  from from any other VFD. Our interface with the injection machine is the key to appreciable savings without compromise to process or cycle time.

Direct & Non Direct Benefits of efficiency 

Our VFD energy system is the single biggest energy saver  worldwide for injection moldimg machines. SyncroSpeed  should be embraced to achieve your company goals, improving  efficiency, reducing energy costs, reducing emissions, improving  green credentials while increasing NET margins often 20-35%. 

"Anyone can slow down a motor, yet only SyncroSpeed VFD finishes the race without compromise"


       Engel 500 Ton Injection machine, with two 55 kW motors 47% reduction

Your local utility often grants 20% -50% of project cost.

"When you reduce usage, you increa$e profits" rknaster 

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