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PlasticMetal USA is proud to represent ....  Suhas and his efficiency program, 
Scientific Molding may sound complicated, no more then a game plan to be efficient. Mr.Suhas' program literally pays for itself with the end result a processing 

optimization tune- up.

A new standardization tool, with every SyncroSpeed VFD system at no charge. 

First year of the program at no cost, a gift from PlasticMetal USA. Afterwards up to you if you wish to continue on at prevailing reasonable rates.

Let's discuss your optimization program with SyncroSpeed  VFD or as a stand alone addition. Call me directly to set up a conference 914 582 1848 or email


Your book and blog are very informative and useful. I suggest it be used as a textbook for universities offering plastics processing classes. I always learn new things from reading your newsletters.

- A.D., Ph.D., Dallas, TX

The best two classroom days of my professional career I have spent was in FIMMTECH's seminar
– VB, Long Island, NY

Love the book! Easy to read, easy to understand. I carry it everywhere I go
– AL, Palm Springs, CA

Looking forward to FIMMTECH's advanced class - learnt a lot.
- JG, CT

The instructor was very knowledgeable and a very effective instructor
- MZ, CT

FIMMTECH goes out of their way to make sure all the questions are answered
- CT, WA

FIMMTECH knows their stuff and teaches the course in a very easy to understand language. This was one of the best courses I have taken.
- SS, MA

As a quality engineer with the concepts and examples that were shared were very helpful. The instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced.
- AU, CA

The seminar gave me a complete overview of the Injection Molding process and now I know 'why' I am doing 'something' rather than just repeatedly following the procedure that was given to me.
- Seminar 9/13/2011

Every technical person must take this class.
- Seminar 8/11/10

Very detailed, Great for the novice or long time professional. Something to be learned by everyone
- Seminar 8/23/12

The instructor was extremely thorough with very clear fundamentals
- Seminar 8/23/12