Have you looked into Barrel Insulation for energy reduction?

International Inc. manufactures removable and reusable thermal insulation covers to meet most industrial and commercial requirements. Unlike most removable insulation systems, insulation products are outfitted with standard, readily available off-the-shelf components, to meet any custom fabricated requirement. 

How Our Innovative Promise Delivers

  • TURN-KEY SOLUTIONS: Completely pre-assembled, ready-to-use products
  • FAST DELIVERY: Shipping options that deliver your order when you need it
  • GREEN-PRODUCT APPROVED: Superior environmental benefits that surpass similar products
  • READY-MADE SIZES: Standard sizes that reduce set prices
  • OFF-THE-SHELF INVENTORY: Purchase direct from stock for immediate use
  • MULTIPLE-SERIES SIZES: Standard product line configurations for universal-design optimization

Insulation Systems are removable/reusable plastics equipment insulation jackets. UniVest® is an ideal way for plastics processors to reduce their plant energy costs, protect employees from the hazards of hot equipment, and lower the plants’ ambient air temperatures. 

Removable insulation jackets for plastics processing equipment generally pay for themselves in less than 12 months, often times much quicker depending on process type, temperature, and cost per KWH and local rebate program

Heat loss = wasted energy. The idea behind equipment insulation jackets is simple. Keep the heat in the machine where it belongs, spend less money on electricity. Enjoy the fringe benefits of personnel protection and a much cooler facility


Dryer hoses and process pipe are also culprits of high energy bills. These lines often go uninsulated and waste their share of electricity dollars every single day. ThermaSleeve is a low-cost, quick payback solution to reduce wasted energy and protect employees.

Rigid Board Insulation for Dies and Molds

Not all parts are suitable for insulation jackets. Rigid board insulation is ideal for molds, dies, and other parts subject to high impact or moisture such as oils and lubricants. Our white board insulation is ideal for these applications – it is very durable and moisture-resistant. Board insulation is sold in sheets or pre-drilled, ready to bolt on. 

DroolShield® Protects Machines and Insulation


Customers with machines that “drool” or “blow back” plastic assume they won’t be able to use insulation jackets because of the potential machine damage. DroolShield® protects machines, bands and wire.

DroolShield® is a PTFE-coated, air craft aluminum disc (clean-room suitable) that fits on the nozzle or nozzle body to block drool or blow-back from reaching insulation jackets, heater bands, and wires. Plastic drool collects on the shield instead of damaging or destroying your investments. DroolShield® withstands temperatures up to 700ºF (370ºC), making them a reusable, long-term solution for blow back at an affordable price.


We offers high temperature exhaust insulation blankets for any type of exhaust system, including gas, diesel exhaust systems, backup or portable power generation, and even mobile home or bus exhaust systems. Whatever your exhaust insulation needs, can design and manufacture a custom insulation system perfectly tailored for your equipment.

Exhaust InsulationExhaust Applications:

  • Gas & Diesel Exhaust Systems
  • Hot Oil & Steam Piping
  • Backup/Portable Power Generation
  • Recreational Vehicles & Bus Exhaust Systems
  • EPA Tier 4 & EU Stage 111B Engine Exhaust Applications


  • Stainless Steel Mesh Exterior
  • Teflon Coated Exterior
  • Complete Enclosure System: Stainless Steel Lacing Anchors & Wires
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Available Sound Dampening Features Upon Request
  • Meets & Exceeds OSHA “Touch Safe” Rating


  • Removable & Reusable
  • Reduces Ambient Air Temperature
  • Weather Resistant
  • Long Lasting & Durable
  • Improves Equipment Efficiency
  • Protects Employees & Equipment
  • Reduces EPA Emissions

On Road, Off Road Exhaust Insulation

Unitherm-Exhaust InsulationInternational offers high temperature, removable insulation jackets for exhaust systems. Our exhaust system insulation provides a complete, weather resistant system. Our blankets are UV-stable, water resistant, and can be easily removed and reused.

We understand in today’s environment manufacturers are challenged to continually improve performance and safety. Systems meet those demands by creating efficient designs with the best materials to ensure systems work at peak performance. We are constantly developing and refining our insulation materials to meet our customers’ needs. Our experience enables us to provide custom solutions that comply with new EPA and EU regulations.

Injection Molding Barrel Insulation

Call our team to send an insulated sample and assess your machines for energy reduction. Quick ROI and inexpensive project buy. Utility rebtes often funds 30% -100% of project cost.

 We offer ZERO cash outlay and finance programs to jump start your efficiency program. 

 Utility rebates may cover 100% of the project cost. 

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