Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are taking the lighting industry by storm. With energy demand growing and costs rising, manufacturers are looking high and low for energy-saving opportunities, and lighting is the low-hanging fruit.

LED lighting was center stage at last year’s LIGHTFAIR® International expo and is likely to be in the limelight again this year. Its energy efficiency, safety, and light quality are well-documented. 

A lighting retrofit pays for itself through reduced energy bills

You’ll have a fast payback with the money you save on reduced energy bills. Multi-shift operations have the fastest paybacks, often in as little as 12-24 months. 

Whether its a tool room or 500 room hotel, we can help you reduce energy usage....take that to the bank! Call the experts today !

Fun Fact about lighting retrofits:

  •  employees are more attentive in brighter environments 
  • there's less chance of accidents in a well lite area
  • productivity increases =  greater profits.

One theme, is repeated consistently by nearly every manufacturer questioned: LED’s value extends beyond its energy efficiency. Its long life makes it nearly maintenance-free, which emerged almost as highly valued as its energy-conservation qualities.

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