PlasticMetal USA, SyncroSpeed NA, HQ in New York with  office locations in Indiana, NC, Texas ,Toronto as well 9 locations throughout Mexico. Latin America office locations announced in 2018.

 PlasticMetal USA - started off as as OEM distributor for PlasticMetal NPM injection machines, my cousins family, owns and operating as manufacturers since 1954. Trained in Italy assembling Injection Molding machines. Further training by a  great chap in the UK.

   The NPM machines  are the  " Ferrari of Injection Molding Machines ", claimed Injection Molding Magazines, Carl Kirkland. To date produces Injection Machines up to twin 3200t and all ancillary products through our sister plant Fratelli Virginio.  Visit  web page 


2019 : There's a New Classification in Motor Speed control, Variable Speed Drive technology by SyncroSpeed and MachineSensePLUS 4.0 Crystal Ball, with ability to curtail motor failures.....while SyncroSpeed optimizes your hydraulic machinery to rid kWh often 20-50%.

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 Whether it's  Granulators, loader hoppers, round about collection systems, custom conveyors or a 300t Ferrari IMM, we deliver our promises shot after shot. Remote service systems for our major equipment, built in standard, plus 60 years of technical background presents NPM a leader of European machinery.

PlasticMetal USA is well known for our Energy Efficiency product SyncroSpeed VFD ( variable Frequency drives) - designed & installed energy saving systems for injection molding machines for over 18 years. Your original pumps and motors couple with our software will help process $avings $100,000.00 to over $1,000,000.00 annually.

Our energy systems are the single biggest energy saver the molding industry should embrace to achieve its goals in improving energy efficiency, reducing energy costs, reducing emissions, improving its green credentials while increasing NET margins often 20-35%. 

"Coupled with our NEWEST ADDITION.. MachineSense Software Industry 4.0 system that will help Predict and Prevent Motor failures that lead to downtime. Software based, monitoring and reporting the good and the bad. Text and emails sent when abnormalities" appear.

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These controls for Hydraulic machines especially for injection molding- will increase your competitive edge and may just open *$ales opportunities with lower part cost. One of many Multiple Benefits or 

 Non Energy Benefit of Efficiency. NeB chart

 " Efficiency products featured throughout this site, offer solutions to gain a competitive edge"   

Take this to the bank in descending order of greatest cost," there's materialslabor then electric cost, the latter  running not far from labor.

 If you could, without losing your team, reduce labor costs by 10% wouldn't you ? Not a chance you'll get away reducing salaries, agreed. As I know, employees  "bounce" yearly for the ole mighty buck at a drop of a dime.

 When you embrace efficiency and reduce electricity usage by 20-30%,  well within reach for most you'll achieve the same cost cutting as reducing labor by 10%. Now go can ahead, hire new employees or perhaps offer your staff a bonus. Aforementioned courtesy of captured kWh. A NeB of energy reduction.  Energy is not a fixed expense, yet  controllable variable that's costly when wasted.

Non Energy Benefits of efficiency, see NeB chart also on Syncrospeed page.   

The key to efficiency ," leadership MUST champion the charge to cut the fat. If not, just another meaningless paragraph in the  " company mission " 

    Energy Reduction's importance - so simple, though afraid not fully embraced nor understood by industry. Maybe because it's a silent  NET killer and  out of sight, I get that. Trust me, the kWh expenditures are sitting right under your labor cost.

Whether our lighting Retrofit, Scientific Molding, SyncroSpeed motor control, Insulation blanket, Gas and Electric Bill assessments. Or great partners listed herewith....the common denominators.... "trustworthy and the quest for repeat business that's earned the ole fashion way"

 Our teams arrive, to champion your entire quest towards efficiency. With meter and measure services then " before and after" implementation reports that offer "black N White " results. Your utility will offer grants often refereed as "rebates" representing 20% -50% of invoice. 

There's no excuse to wait, especially with  our "Pay Yourself to $ave" 100% lease to own for PlasticMetal USA products, zero cash outlay.

  "There's Million$ left on the table for most molders in the form of kWh not required to do the same job "  rknaster

The next step is easy, please contact our office. First phone conversation we'll pre approve the viability of the project or offer perhaps an alternative.  All companies owe it themselves to operate lean,, just measure the possibilities!

 At PlasticMetal USA repeat business is a paramount part of our business plan. That's accomplished with precision equipment and premium customer service.  Any questions? call me directly at  914 582 1848 New York Office. or my email

Whether globe trotting presenting energy reduction solutions for Injection Molders, a PlasticMetal USA foray or speaking engagements for Society of Plastic Engineers, PIA and Plastic News Executive forum events, we offer sound programs to increase your competitive edge to make it Quicker, Better and now even Smarter.

Robert Knaster         (914) 582-1848           Huntington Bay, New York

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