click for video :Predictive & Preventive :MachineSense Power Analyzer includes access to our exclusive patent-pending Crystal ball software which enables users to set up alarms so text and emails will be sent to selected recipients. Six months of historic data with trend lines clearly shows equipment performance, as well as serving as a dashboard for all monitored assets, by department or selected area. Information is power. With MachineSense you will have the type of electrical information you need to gain total control of your plant while maximizing time and reducing costs. 

MicroSoft, Siemens, Novatec, CCS Technology, SyncroSpeed VFD and PlasticMetal USA now offer The newest level of Motor Protection & Energy reduction software worldwide. Big statement, huge $avings!

Tomorrow's Factory is available to you today....

Preventive and Predictive motor analyzer software 4.0 - will send a message to your text or email. 

 MachineSense, MicroSoft, Siemens, Novatec ....presented by PlasticMetal USA.

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