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PlasticMetal USA and NasC partner to rid erroreous charges 

" Energy bill audit assessment services for GAS & ELECTRIC "

 The NASc assessment coupled with  SyncroSpeed VFD energy control program  may just save you million$ over the long haul.  

With 28 years of experience, National Auditing experience examines the last 3-5 years of billing  with your authorization to review billing. 

   We require one utility bill, no further resources. Sit tight and we'll return with early stage outlook for refunds. Once overpayments are secured, we split the finds. At no cost for the analysis or assessments. 

The single page authorization below starts the proce$$

For NO charge audit call me to set up program. Robert Knaster ( 914 ) 582 -1848 or

$aving energy is like someone handing you a BIG bag of cash year after year.